Vineyards, Vintages and Varietals

Inspire your palate with extraordinary wines of the Washington and Oregon regions on our “Vineyards, Vintages and Varietals” themed cruises. Our thoughtfully prepared wine cruises along the Columbia River bring the flavors of the vineyard to you in more ways than one. While cruising amidst the natural beauty of the region, you will have the opportunity to meet with local wine makers for exclusive tastings and pairings of their celebrated, hand-selected wines and get acquainted with the nuances of traditional wine-making. In addition to these special onboard tastings, pairings and lectures from partnering wineries, our award-winning chefs will incorporate local wines of the region into a variety of culinary creations throughout each voyage. Enjoy a wealth of onboard enrichment activities that will expose you to the history, culture, and landscapes that have contributed to each mouthwatering aroma, bite and sip. Not to be left out, we will also feature specialty coffees from this region known for its local roasters, as well as the products of several local craft breweries. If you have ever dreamed of experiencing America’s Pacific Northwest wine country, there is no better venue than on the river aboard the exquisite American Empress.

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