Visit Graceland

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Memphis is our home.

When the American Queen Steamboat Company was founded, we did a long search to decide where to place our corporate headquarters. Many cities were in the running, ranging from Louisville to New Orleans, and while all are fabulous destinations, only one felt like home. Memphis has that special something that welcomes people as if they’re family and a true personality that makes it difficult to believe you could be anyplace else when you walk along Beale Street to the sounds of the blues and the scent of barbecued ribs drifting on the breeze.

Our guests feel the same way so it is somewhat ironic that one of the biggest draws of Memphis isn’t actually in the heart of the city itself. You don’t have to be a music fan to know who Elvis Presley was and you don’t have to be an Elvis fan to know what Graceland is. We find that a great many guests enjoying our complimentary pre-cruise hotel stay make a beeline for Elvis’ estate. Those guests who are on a voyage that concludes in Memphis often visit Graceland before heading home as well.

Touring Graceland, its museums and its grounds is an experience shared by a number of American Queen Steamboat Company guests. Elvis is forever associated with both Memphis and Graceland and it seems somewhat appropriate that today his former country estate is now part of the city that Elvis loved. It is also a city that we love and is an embarkation or debarkation port for a number of our most popular voyages. Soak in the history and atmosphere of Graceland before or after your American Queen river cruise as two of the South’s greatest traditions meet.

We invite you to join us on our Elvis® themed voyage and enjoy a visit to Graceland as a complimentary inclusion prior to departing Memphis on November 27, 2016.