Nostalgic 5-Day River Cruises Across the USA

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For those of you looking for a brief encounter with the historic south, our first two voyages of the year departing in February could be the ideal journey you have been looking for. These Roundtrip New Orleans cruises aboard the iconic American Queen® are not only packed with the cultural and enriching experiences that make American Queen Steamboat Company voyages so unique, but they are also musically themed voyages (and one of our most popular!): The 50s and 60s Remembered.

The nostalgic fun begins on February 19th with a 5-day river cruise that visits the Louisiana ports of Oak Alley and Baton Rouge. Following our 5-day river cruise is a 6-day river cruise on February 22nd visiting the Louisiana ports of St. Francisville and Nottoway. On each abbreviated cruise, you will have the opportunity to discover the ever-present romantic atmosphere of the Antebellum era at each stop on these captivating journeys and you will undoubtedly feel your worries drift away with the relaxing pace of life in the south.

Nothing Beats Nostalgia

Grab your poodle skirt and join us onboard as we rewind the clock and take you back to the feel-good music that dominated the 1950s and 60s. While the sound of the forties Big Band era lingered into the early fifties, the emergence of artists such as Bill Haley with chart-toppers like "Rock Around the Clock" had America swinging to a whole new sound by the mid-fifties. Along with the birth of Rock and Roll emerged other musical genres like doo-wop, rhythm and blues, and country which flowed into the early sixties. The early part of the sixties, much like the previous decade, was an extension of the doo-wop sounds and poignant ballads that had led the charts in the late fifties. The baby boomers, now teenagers, loved to dance and television shows like American Bandstand influenced the popularity of dance styles like the Twist, the Swim, and the Pony just to name a few.

Join us on the 5-day river cruise or the 6-day river cruise and enjoy a trip down memory lane with our full line-up of nostalgic activities and sensational, ensemble performances by the American Queen’s brilliant entertainers. Dance, sing and relive the pop culture crazes of the fifties and sixties on this fun-loving, carefree cruise catered to the young at heart!