Are you looking for a luxurious and unique cruise on America’s great waterways? At American Queen Steamboat Company, we believe in pampering our guests. That’s why our culinary staff have created the finest dishes you’ll find both on and off the water.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Cruise Options

Our team of world-class chefs and servers always create an amazing fine-dining experience for all. We believe in using fresh, local ingredients to give you a taste of authentic regional cuisine. It can range from Pacific Northwest flavors to traditional Southern cooking. You won’t go hungry; between meals, we offer a wide range of snacks, including fresh fruit, baked goods, ice cream, popcorn, and more.

A traditional breakfast is offered daily in the main dining room.Lunch varies depending on the cruise. At times, lunch will be eaten off-boat as part of a shore excursion. Consult your daily itinerary or ask a staff member for more information. However, for our leisurely cruising days, meal services will be provided.

Each vessel’s main dining room serves dinner. Alternative dining venues are also available. Wine and beer are complimentary with dinner. We also offer a variety of themed cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.

Cruising over the holidays? There’s a good chance we have created a special themed dining experience to help you celebrate.


Dining Rooms

Our cruises offer several dining rooms, depending on the vessel. Each venue creates a unique experience. For instance, the Grand Dining Room on the American Duchess offers a nod to traditional European sophistication, including rich fabrics, wood accents, and a great view out of the windows.

Dress Codes

Our suggested dress code is country club casual, but elegant resort wear is also appropriate. Breakfast and lunch tend to be more casual, but the evening is a great time to show off your more sophisticated outfits.

Room Service



For those who turn in late or crave a midnight snack, we offer 24-hour room service. For more information, consult the Guest Services Directory located in your cabin.

Special Diets

Do you require a special diet? We’re happy to accommodate you. Please give us at least three weeks’ notice so our talented chefs can create dishes that will work with your meal plan. Additionally, please mention your special diet needs to the maitre d’ and server.

Gratuities and Service Charges

There’s no need to tip your waiter. A gratuity is automatically placed on your onboard account.

If you order at the bar or purchase wine for your dinner on boat, a 15% beverage service charge is added for the staff.

Bring Your Appetite When You Travel With American Queen Steamboat Company



No river cruise is complete without a world-class dining experience. That’s why, at American Queen Steamboat Company, we offer:

  • Fresh, locally sourced cuisine served onboard

  • 24-hour room service

  • Complimentary soft drinks and snacks

  • Themed dining rooms

  • Complimentary wine and beer

  • Meals tailored to special diets

  • Included gratuities and service charges, for your convenience

Are you ready to get your fill of both on-shore attractions and delicious food? We offer year-round cruise itineraries through the American South and the Pacific Northwest. Visit our website and request a brochure to learn more.