We believe our vessels to be beautiful and understand that this plays a major role in why people choose to cruise with us; but we also know that our fabulous crew and their commitment to providing our guests with a phenomenal, onboard experience is undoubtedly the reason that so many river cruisers choose the American Queen Steamboat Company. Our crew is the reason guests continue to come back for more! We could not be more grateful for the team that we have and we often receive notes from guests about how a crewmember went above and beyond for them or how they were treated like family, being called by name and leaving with many friends. This special group of employees collectively makes vessel operations run smooth all while providing a charming experience for each and every guest.

Have you ever wondered what goes in to bringing the vessels to life? Here is some insight into how crew work and live onboard.


There are a number of different positions onboard each of our vessels. For example on the American Queen, our largest vessel, there is capacity for 165 crewmembers that fill 59 different positions. Between the vessel operations and hotel operations, there are eight departments on each vessel: Deck and Navigation, Engineering, Hotel Administration, Galley, Bar, Dining, Housekeeping, and Entertainment.


Most crewmembers work and live onboard for six weeks at a time, followed by two weeks off. While onboard, they work seven days a week, with various breaks throughout the day, depending on the department, position, and schedule. On scheduled breaks, crewmembers may get off the vessel if we are in port and have the opportunity to explore the city or town we are visiting. Much of the crew loves the rotating schedule because it gives them the opportunity to see the sights along our travel routes, but also they have two weeks off to vacation and pursue their own personal interests.


Crewmembers have their own quarters, below the public spaces. Here, crew are assigned to a room, usually with one other person, that includes bunk beds, closets, a desk, a bathroom, and TV. There is also a dedicated crew mess (where all of the meals are served by dedicated crew cooks), a crew gym, laundry rooms, and lounging spaces with flat screen TVs for crew to relax and mingle together.

Not only do guests leave feeling like family, but our crew does as well. There is an ever-present, family-like atmosphere onboard which lends itself to cultivating a vibrant, teamwork mentality – making almost anything seem possible. There is no doubt that it takes an incredible team of people to make our American Queen Steamboat Company experience possible, and we take pride in employing the best team around!

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