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Cradle of the Blues

The American Queen Steamboat Company is headquartered in Memphis, TN and while we employ many natives, we’ve also brought a number of people to the area as well. And we’ve noticed that the newcomers are often as enthusiastic, if not more so, than those who have spent their lives in this distinctive community. What engenders such passion? There are many reasons, ranging from traditions such as the march of the ducks at the Peabody Hotel, the many varieties of barbeque found throughout downtown, the presence of the mighty Mississippi River, and Elvis’ sprawling Graceland just south of the city. However, the one area that everyone flocks to time and time again is legendary Beale Street. This is the area where the blues was nurtured and dreams come true. Read More >>

Guest Loyalty

What is loyalty? Though it can be hard to define, we know it when we see it. More importantly, we know it when we feel it. Loyalty comes in many forms. It can be our dedication to a specific restaurant, our penchant for buying a certain cologne or perfume, our continued purchase of cars by a particular manufacturer or, in our example in this blog, companies that we rely on to provide outstanding vacations. Read More >>

We Have Come a Long Way!

Nostalgia is an interesting concept. It is a remembrance of a time past, but it undeniably glosses over the less appealing portions of those memories. There is a distinct difference between recreation and nostalgia. When it comes to travel on rivers such as the Mississippi, nostalgia and not recreation is the order of the day. Read More >>

The First Voyage

The American Queen travels throughout the Deep South and the Heartland. She wanders as far north as Minneapolis/St. Paul, as far south as New Orleans, as far west as Pittsburgh and even journeys along the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers. The American Empress calls the Columbia and Snake rivers of the Pacific Northwest her home. Roughly 150 years ago, before train travel became more commonplace, the rivers were the nation’s lifeblood and their meandering paths the country’s veins of commerce. Prior to the invention of the steamboat, they were useful in only one direction: downstream. Read More >>

Holiday Cruises on the American Queen

There is something special about the holidays. We spend most of our year focused outward on the world around us whether it is through careers, volunteer efforts or simply attending to the minutia of our daily lives. There rarely seems to be a chance to take a deep breath and truly focus on our family and friends. More importantly, we don’t often take the time to truly appreciate those we love or to look inward and count our blessings. Life always seems to be getting in the way yet, ironically, it is life itself that is such a blessing.

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