The Columbia and Snake Rivers are two of the most beautiful waterways in the country. You may have seen them from a car’s windows, but to truly appreciate these majestic rivers, you need to get out onto the water. A Snake River cruise lets you explore America’s backyard in relaxed surroundings and at a languid pace.

Here are four reasons to join us at American Queen Steamboat Company on a five-day Columbia river cruise:

Our Crew and Service

We pride ourselves on offering some of the best service of any Columbia River cruise. Our courteous and impeccably trained staff is on hand to make your trip the most comfortable possible. All portage and transfers once you are onboard are handled for you; you won’t have to worry about anything but boarding and enjoying yourself.




Our Onboard Entertainment

There’s a lot to see and do on this Columbia River boat cruise, and you may find your days fully booked with exciting shore excursions. However, be sure to budget time to experience our nightly entertainment. We offer a broad selection of activities, showboat style music, and nightly dancing. Daily lectures by our onboard historian let you learn more about the area’s rich heritage and fascinating local color.

Our World-class Food

Get a true taste of the area through our riverboat’s world-class cooking. Our chefs rotate dishes depending on what is freshest and in season. Fresh items are brought onboard at each port, and our award-winning culinary team creates innovative menus for you to sample. All onboard meals are included with your fare and complimentary hot and cold beverages are available. If you need a snack at any time, we also offer 24 hour room service off of an extensive menu.




Our Shore Excursions

We offer a varied schedule of included and premium shore excursions. There’s something to see every day of the river cruise. Some highlights are:

Astoria, Oregon

The oldest American town west of the Rockies boasts a many-layered history. You can learn more at the Heritage Museum or sightsee along the Riverwalk. This six mile paved walkway alongside the river takes strollers past shops, cafes, statues, and historical buildings.

Stevenson, Washington

This is a city rich in natural beauty, offering visitors access to Mt. St. Helens and the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Visitors can explore the vibrant heart of the city including its galleries and local craft boutiques. Otherwise, the more nature-minded may appreciate a premium excursion to Multnomah Falls and Vista House. Here you can drink in magnificent panoramic views of the Columbia River 700 feet below you.

The Dalles, Oregon

The Oregon Trail was a pinnacle moment in American history and The Dalles takes you back to the center of the action. The town itself has multiple museums dedicated to different historical eras, a winery, and shopping opportunities in the included excursions. Our premium shore excursions expand on that, taking you book a private plane ride over Mt. Hood or or visit a winery.

Why Explore the Columbia and Snake Rivers?

Join us on a Snake River cruise and you’ll experience a remarkable getaway from everyday life as you build an appreciation of history, local culture, and the natural beauty of this area. Each riverboat tour includes:

  • a courteous crew trained to give you excellent service
  • daily and nightly entertainment including music, educational lectures, and dancing
  • locally sourced and seasonal dishes prepared by our award-winning chefs
  • a wide variety of shore excursions both in town and in the great outdoors

Are you ready to cast off on the adventure of a lifetime with American Queen Steamboat Company? Contact us today to see which cabin rooms are available.