3 Thanksgiving Voyages You Don't Want to Miss

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Thanksgiving is about gratitude, family, food, and fun. This year, why not upgrade your celebration? A Thanksgiving cruise lets you and your loved ones enjoy world-class meals you don’t have to prepare. You can make new friends and take in some of the celebrations going on in riverside towns across the nation. To find out more about the Thanksgiving cruises in 2018, read on!

Thanksgiving on the Cumberland

The Cumberland is one of Tennessee's most scenic rivers, winding through hills, valleys, farmlands, and majestic forests. Our cruise will take you from Nashville to Chattanooga. Nashville, also known as Music City, has a lot to offer visitors. Your stay here will get you well acquainted with the full country music experience.

Afterward you will have a tranquil journey to Dover, Tennessee, which includes a visit to Fort Donelson National Park. Next we dip down to Florence, Alabama where you can see a  vibrant, progressive side of Southern culture married with some beautiful history and architecture. Finally, you'll arrive in Chattanooga, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. There are stunning views here from deck and shore as well as numerous excursions available. One of the most popular attractions is nearby Lookout Mountain. We offer an optional American Select Premium Shore Excursion to the top of this towering iconic local attraction.

Thanksgiving day cruises on the Mississippi

Our cruises along the Mississippi River will take you from New Orleans to Memphis. Your journey begins with a two-day stay in New Orleans, letting you soak up the atmosphere of this vibrant city. This is a great place to invest in an excursion, so you won't miss the highlights in this exciting tourist destination.

Next, you'll journey up the Mississippi River at a languid pace, stopping at numerous attractions such as St. Francisville, Louisiana – one of the oldest towns along the water's edge. Later, brush up on your history in Vicksburg, Mississippi, a key site in the Civil War history. There will be plenty of time to relax and see the sights from the deck along your voyage. Your trip ends in Memphis with an optional American Select Premium Excursion to Graceland and other attractions.

Thanksgiving on the Columbia and Snake Rivers

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Our Thanksgiving Day cruise in the Pacific Northwest begins and ends in Vancouver, Washington. On the second day of your trip, our American Empress paddlewheeler takes you to the historic town of Astoria, Oregon, where you can trace the legacy of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The next day you'll celebrate Thanksgiving with a sumptuous feast on the deck of the American Empress. Along with food, you'll be treated to stunning views of the local mountains and the unsurpassed Columbia River Gorge.

Nearby Stevenson, Washington offers a pleasant day exploring the town itself as well as the Bonneville Dam. The final day of your trip gives you a second chance at any photo opportunities you missed as you're returned to Vancouver, Washington.

Why book Thanksgiving cruises with us?

Fall is a wonderful time to hit the water on one of our luxurious paddlewheelers. Take a trip with us to:

  • take in gorgeous autumn colors, mountains, and more along the rivers

  • visit history-rich sites like Fort Donelson

  • enjoy Thanksgiving, in a style that reflects the traditions of the region in which you are traveling

  • savor a spectacular holiday feast prepared by our world-class chefs

Are you ready to book an American Queen Steamboat Company cruise for this Thanksgiving? Check out our holiday promotion for itineraries, dates, and rates.