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Discover the news from the river with River Views, the official river cruise blog of American Queen Steamboat Company. We will share stories form our steamboat and paddlewheelers, details of our port stops and excursions, dining and crew spotlights and any other important and fun news from the river. Our blog strives to keep our past and former guests informed, even if they aren’t onboard with us. Journey through America’s heartland without leaving your home, and read through River Views today.

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Everything You Need to Know About Dining Onboard

Are you looking for a luxurious and unique cruise on America's great waterways? At American Queen Steamboat Company, we believe in pampering our guests. That's why our culinary staff have created the finest dishes you'll find both on and off the water. Read More >>

This is Why You Can't Miss Our Plantation Holidays Cruises

From history to cuisine to architecture, the American South has a unique culture. Plantation Holiday themed cruises let you get a taste of warm Southern hospitality over the winter season. That's why, at American Queen Steamboat Company, we offer multiple plantation-themed river cruises. Because we offer many voyage options, you're sure to find one that works with your schedule.


6 Traditions That Make Our Holiday River Cruises Unforgettable

Plan now to escape the chaotic crowds of the holiday season, and instead enter the oasis of the gracious and elegant world of river cruising for a uniquely American experience that you will not soon forget. Decked out in elegant finery, with lighted garlands, glittering trees, mouthwatering holiday cuisine, and memorable Southern traditions, the American Queen® and American Duchess™ offer holiday river cruises like none other. Read More >>

5 Reasons You Should Consider Civil War Themed River Cruises

Since the era of wagons and mud-choked roads, America's waterways have always been some of the best ways for people to get around the country. At American Queen Steamboat Company, we've organized several cruises that let Civil War history buffs experience the past the way people of generations ago did: from the water's edge. Here are five can't-miss attractions that give you the perfect excuse to book one of our Civil War tours: Read More >>

3 Thanksgiving Voyages You Don't Want to Miss

Thanksgiving is about gratitude, family, food, and fun. This year, why not upgrade your celebration? A Thanksgiving cruise lets you and your loved ones enjoy world-class meals you don’t have to prepare. You can make new friends and take in some of the celebrations going on in riverside towns across the nation. To find out more about the Thanksgiving cruises in 2018, read on! Read More >>
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