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Discover the news from the river with River Views, the official river cruise blog of American Queen Steamboat Company. We will share stories form our steamboat and paddlewheelers, details of our port stops and excursions, dining and crew spotlights and any other important and fun news from the river. Our blog strives to keep our past and former guests informed, even if they aren’t onboard with us. Journey through America’s heartland without leaving your home, and read through River Views today.

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The Best Fourth of July River Cruise for Fireworks

What could be more spectacular than watching Fourth of July fireworks? What about watching the colors light up the sky and reflect off the water of the majestic Mississippi River? At American Queen Steamboat Company, we've created the best riverboat dinner cruise that Memphis has to offer. Book now through the end of our summer sale and you can enjoy a special rate on our luxurious amenities such as world-class gourmet dining, a variety of accommodations, live nightly entertainment, and shore excursions.  Read More >>

5 Tips for First Time River Cruisers

Have you been considering U.S. river cruises, but aren't sure which one is right for you? Riverboat cruises are a unique way to explore America's waterways and discover the picturesque towns that have sprung up alongside them. At American Queen Steamboat Company, we offer a wide variety of cruises tailored to suit different interests. Now is the best time to book a ticket. However, if you're a first time cruiser you may not know all the tips to get the most out of the experience. Read More >>

Foodie Alert: Best destinations for the best food!

Some people love to eat. Some people love to eat so much that they plan the ultimate foodie vacations, picking where to go based on restaurant menus and dining options. American Queen Steamboat Company has routes that stop at the best U.S. cities for foodies, giving you the chance to taste different cuisines from around the nation. If you're always thinking about where your next great meal is coming from and what it is going to be, you need to visit these top cities for foodies on your next vacation. Read More >>

3 Fast Facts About our Racing on the River Cruise

When you picture taking a riverboat cruise, do you imagine yourself drifting down the Mississippi River at a languid, relaxed pace? For many, that's their idea of paradise. However, if you're in the mood for a faster-paced, more adventurous experience, you may want to take our Racing on the River Cruise. This journey on the American Duchess follows a new itinerary starting in Memphis and ending in Pittsburgh.

The Most Popular Riverboat Cruises to Plan in 2018

Have you been dreaming about taking a riverboat cruise? At American Queen Steamboat Company, we have a fleet of ships ready to take you down America's waterways. One of the stars of our company is the American Duchess.

The American Duchess offers a wide range of suites including expansive Loft Suites that feature two levels for maximum privacy. You'll find many luxurious amenities here including regionally inspired cuisine prepared by award-winning chefs, shore excursions at every port, and Broadway-quality nightly performances and shows. The American Duchess has transported passengers in grand style along numerous routes. Here are three of our most popular river cruises and what you need to know about them:

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