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Discover the news from the river with River Views, the official river cruise blog of American Queen Steamboat Company. We will share stories form our steamboat and paddlewheelers, details of our port stops and excursions, dining and crew spotlights and any other important and fun news from the river. Our blog strives to keep our past and former guests informed, even if they aren’t onboard with us. Journey through America’s heartland without leaving your home, and read through River Views today.

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The Essential Guide to Packing for River Boat Cruises

While you may be gearing up for the river cruise of a lifetime, the days of forging ahead with overloaded steamer trunks in tow are long gone. Today, you need only bring the bare essentials to enjoy a fabulous vacation on the river. In simple terms, there is no need to over-pack. Read More >>

Expert Tips for Planning a Getaway on Mississippi River Cruises

Some people view the Mississippi River as just a river. They look it as a geographic feature of extraordinary size, but as nothing more than a collection of facts and figures. Some travel companies that specialize in trips on or along the Mighty Mississippi view it as more than that. They see it as a destination unto itself and an integral part of their business plans.

The Best Time of the Year to Book River Cruises

It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time river cruiser or if you are a seasoned river cruiser looking to experience new ports of call, the looming question for all travelers seems to be: When is the best time of the year to book American river cruises? Planning a river cruise vacation is not just about when you choose to travel, but it is also about when you choose to book your travel and there are some things to take into consideration.  Read More >>

Questions and Answers with Riverlorian Jerry Hay

American’s rivers are a great source of history and culture. To best share that culture with you, American Queen Steamboat Company decided we needed to sit down for a Q&A with a historian that specializes in the rivers across the U.S. and her all of her ports of call. We needed a Riverloarin, and we found it in Jerry Hay. Read on to experience our question and answer session with Jerry and to learn from his expertise.


A Salute To America | Join Us on a Civil War River Cruise

The Civil War is a defining moment in U.S. history, and it has forever shaped our nation’s culture and heritage. American Queen Steamboat Company has strived to make our Civil War river cruises rich with that history and culture, so that our on-board guests can leave with enlightenment and new knowledge they might not have had before. Reserve your room for a Civil War themed river cruise to step back in time and have a vacation unlike any other that honors our nation’s history.

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