American Queen Steamboat Company

Old Man River

May 30, 2013

The world’s fascination with the Mississippi River, which is the American Queen Steamboat Company’s backyard, is easy to understand. She is the queen of rivers, by far the largest in North America, and has been part of the vital lifeblood of America since long before we became a nation. Native tribes first used the river for transport and sustenance and little has changed since. The timeless Mississippi River is massive and operates on a scale that truly boggles the mind.

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The Upper Mississippi

March 14, 2013

While the American Queen Steamboat Company visits a number of other ports of call, the Mighty Mississippi seems to be most associated with the destinations dotting its southern half. When most people think of traveling along the Mississippi River, they think of the traditional destinations such as New Orleans, LA; Natchez, MS; Memphis, TN; Hannibal, MO and St. Louis, MO. It’s easy to forget there’s a glorious stretch of the river extending from St. Louis northward to Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN that is just as wondrous as the southern route.

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Antebellum Elegance And Southern Hospitality

February 12, 2013

While we’ve been spared some of the ferocity of winter that has blanketed other parts of the United States with a thick covering of snow, here at the American Queen Steamboat Company’s Memphis headquarters, we also are eagerly awaiting spring. One of our favorite months is March when electric green leaves once again begin to cover mighty elms and oaks, baskets of colorful flowers hang from porches, daffodils and tulips poke their blooms through ferns and bushes in gardens throughout the South, and a delightful hospitality spreads as quickly as the warm sunshine across the landscape.

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A Special Bond

January 17, 2013
By Timothy Rubacky, Senior Vice President

Did you ever meet someone and feel like you’d known them your whole life? Or have you ever stepped into a home and it just felt as if you should live there? Have you noticed how sometimes there are special people that you work with or neighbors that you stay close friends with long after you start a new job or move away? Sometimes, there are special bonds that are hard to define. They just happen because, well, they’re supposed to.

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A Remarkable Reunion

January 15, 2013
By Timothy Rubacky, Senior Vice President

There are a number of remarkable things that have happened as we have returned the American Queen to her rightful place as First Lady of America’s Rivers. There was a lot of hard work, new friends and unexpected challenges and wonderful surprises. When you’re taking on a task as large as refurbishing the world’s largest authentic steam-powered riverboat and creating an entirely new company to operate her, the surprising and the unexpected become a way of life.

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