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In every field of human endeavor, there are pioneers and followers. The history of the Mississippi River is filled with noble men who advanced the art and science of riverboat construction, ownership and navigation. You’ll notice that we used the term “men” in the sentence above. And we did so for a very good reason. In the riverboat industry, there haven’t been many women involved although that has changed in recent years. Today, Second Mate Allison Peck is blazing a trail aboard the American Queen as one of the few female officers on America’s rivers.

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While many of our guests know exactly which voyage they wish to book, some are so overwhelmed by the variety of choices that selecting just one seems to be a bit more challenging. To be sure, each American Queen Steamboat Company voyage features the same amenities and extras, highlighted by complimentary shore excursions in every port, an included deluxe hotel stay before your voyage, complimentary wine and beer with dinner, complimentary cappuccino, espresso bottled water and soft drinks throughout the voyage, and the acclaimed cuisine of famed American chef Regina Charboneau.

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What are you doing today to celebrate America’s Independence Day? We all have our traditions, whether that involves picnics with family, baseball games with friends, or festivals, parades, pie-eating contests and fireworks. Americans have been celebrating the Fourth of July for almost 240 years and not only does each person have his or her traditions, so does each place. And when a city or town can share those traditions with a new group of people, it can be truly magical.

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With all the elements in place, the brochure comes together in just a few weeks as we tweak a word here and there, switch out a photo in spots, and make certain that it is easy to read, easy to understand and inspires the reader to experience an American Queen Steamboat Company river voyage in person. We encourage you to download the online version of our brochure here to learn more about our American-flagged vessels and uniquely American experiences we offer.

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Go West!

May 22, 2013

The same desire for discovery that led President Thomas Jefferson to send Merriwether Lewis and William Clark to head west from the Mississippi to explore the Louisiana Purchase and discover routes of commerce that led all the way to the Pacific is also inside our loyal past guests. Consistently they have asked us when we might expand our operations to the Pacific Northwest and we’re proud to say that time is now.

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