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Holiday Cruises on the American Queen

There is something special about the holidays. We spend most of our year focused outward on the world around us whether it is through careers, volunteer efforts or simply attending to the minutia of our daily lives. There rarely seems to be a chance to take a deep breath and truly focus on our family and friends. More importantly, we don’t often take the time to truly appreciate those we love or to look inward and count our blessings. Life always seems to be getting in the way yet, ironically, it is life itself that is such a blessing.


Journals of Exploration

There are several ways to take a vacation. You can book it and go. Or you can do what many American Queen Steamboat Company guests do: book it and then dive into the history of the places you’ll be visiting. For those who travel with us on the grand American Queen for the first time, we always suggest that they pick up a copy of the immortal Mark Twain’s fascinating Life on the Mississippi. While many of his other books such as the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn give a brief peek into small town life and what it was like grow up along the banks of the Mississippi River, his Life on the Mississippi takes a broader view. Though the book is about his experiences as a riverboat cub pilot, it encapsulates the details of sailing the river in the 1800s - both is beauty and its perils. Because of its detail, the book has become much more than just the amusing tales of a humorist on the river and is now a historical reference to how certain riverboat procedures were performed.


Natchez Before America

Guests travel with the American Queen Steamboat Company for both the onboard experience and the destinations. What they find ashore is often a bit of a surprise. Small towns and big cities alike each have intriguing histories and our guests are well-educated and intellectually curious. In most cases, they are eager to learn more about the places they visit. But some of the history is not what our guests expect.


Visit Graceland

When the American Queen Steamboat Company was founded, we did a long search to decide where to place our corporate headquarters.


The Mighty Mississippi

Every adult and school child knows about the Mississippi River. I can’t imagine there’s anyone who doesn’t remember learning how to spell the river’s name back in grade school. And everyone was taught it’s the longest river in North America and nearly the longest in the world. Read More >>